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This Channel is dedicated to lectures. You’ll find a collection of subjects relating to Israel including a series, “Countering the Counter Missionaries” in which Dr. Brown addresses key objections raised by the Anti Missionaries.

This is a clear, scripturally based call to all Christians to stand with Israel today, laying out exactly why believers should show solidarity with the Jewish people and the modern State of Israel.

Preached in 1991, this is one the most important messages ever delivered by Dr. Brown, conveying God's broken heart for the lost sheep of the house of Israel and sharing that burden with God's people.

How does the salvation of Israel tie in with the last and greatest move of God that will take place on the earth? This message gives a solid, biblical answer to that question.

Dr. Brown speaks about Israel's salvation at Bethel Church in Redding, California.

In question and answer form, Dr. Brown answers Jewish objections to Jesus at a presentation at The University of Southern California. Introductory Statement: Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?

Topics Covered Include:

- Can a Jew believe in Jesus and still be a Jew?
- If Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, why has the Jewish community rejected him?
- What is the meaning behind the...

Have the Jews rejected Jesus? Has the Church replaced Israel? What does scripture say about the Jewish people?

Dr Brown unveils some of the mysteries of the Kabbalah, explaining key aspects of its mystical teachings and pointing to the profound mystery of the Messiah as unfolded in the ‘hidden wisdom’ of the New Testament writings.”

Dr. Brown contrasts the written Word of God given to Moses with the oral traditions passed on in the rabbinic writings. What takes precedence? How do we interpret truth from the scriptures? How did Rabbinic Judaism start, and where did the rabbinic commands come from? Dr. Brown answers these questions and much more.”

This series of lectures by Dr. Brown seeks to answer most of the major objections that face Jewish believers in Yeshua. It’s a in-depth study of messianic prophecy and that systematically answers why we believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah.

At a public lecture given at Yale University, Dr Brown compares the messianic credentials of the Lubavitcher rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, with those of Yeshua of Nazareth. This lecture was delivered before Rabbi Schneerson’s death.

Here’s some Wiki links to some of the supposed messiahs that in some cases are still followed to this day.