Prayer of Redemption

Everyone is guilty of sin. The good news is that God has provided us a way of cleansing us from our sins: Jesus-Yeshua!

In this video, you will be able to pray and receive forgiveness through Jesus-Yeshua, who died so as to make atonement for your sins and then rose again!

Come, receive a new heart and experience the joy of redemption!


I remember the night when God cleansed me from my sins. I realized how much God loved me and right away, I gave my life to Jesus-Yeshua. He delivered me from my drug addiction and gave me the grace to overcome it. Now that you have received the grace of God, I encourage you to read the Scriptures, to get involved in a community of believers in Jesus-Yeshua, and to pray regularly.

Please enter your contact information and share with me how God has reached down and transformed your life through the death and resurrection of Jesus-Yeshua – I would love to hear your story!

Prayer of Redemption

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